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Gas Engineer Services In Leeds And Bradford 

 Gas Engineer in Leeds Boiler Repairs

Boiler Repairs

If your boiler is malfunctioning, you can rely on our expert engineers to locate the source of the problem. We have over 30 years of experience working with boilers so you can be sure that whatever the issue is, we’ll know exactly what to do. In the very rare case that we cannot find the problem or repair it, we won’t charge you anything. Please get in touch if are looking for a gas engineer in Leeds and Bradford.



 Gas Engineer in Leeds Boiler Replacements

Boiler Replacements

There’s a number of things you need to consider when replacing your boiler. How many radiators you have, the size of your rooms, number of bathrooms and if you have a combination boiler, the cold water flow rate. If you’re unsure what’s best for your property we can give you the advice and guidance you need, so you can make the most of your budget. Once you’ve made a decision, we can complete the installation of it.



 Gas Engineer in Leeds Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing

The best way to keep your boiler working properly is with regular servicing and maintenance. It will not only reduce breakdowns but will ensure your boiler has a long life. We’ll rectify any issues before they turn into major problems and keep your boiler running smoothly into the future. We are accredited to work with all major appliances including Ideal, Vaillant, Alpha, Vokera, Ariston and Intergas Platinum P5.



 Gas Engineer in Leeds Gas Landlord Certificates

Gas Landlord Certificates

As a landlord it is your legal responsibility to ensure that all gas appliances are safe and working correctly in your property. Our Gas Safe registered engineers will be able to give your appliance a full examination. So you can have complete peace of mind that that your tenants and your property is completely safe. Contact us if you need a gas engineer in Leeds and Bradford.



 Gas Engineer in Leeds Central Heating Repairs

Central Heating Repairs

Is your home suddenly without heating or hot water? If there’s something wrong with your central heating, our heating engineers will be able to locate the problem. We’ll provide you with a fair, transparent quote for the work and undertake all repair work. In the very rare case that we can’t repair your central heating, we won’t charge you anything.



 Gas Engineer in Leeds System Power Flushing/Chemical Heating Flush

System Power Flushing/Chemical Heating Flush

Over time, debris and sludge can accumulate in your central heating system. This can impact on the efficiency on your system and reduce the flow of water to radiators and around your system. A chemical heating flush gently cleans out your pipes and radiators by removing most heavy restrictions and debris or sludge. Regular flushes will reduce corrosion and prolong the life of your system.



 Gas Engineer in Leeds Replacement Radiators

Replacement Radiators

If your radiators are rusty, loose or making loud noises, it might be time for new radiators. Radiators can be repaired, but when they are very old, replacing them with newer, more efficient models may be the answer. If you do require replacement radiators, we can advise you on the best models on your budget as well as complete all of the installation work.



 Gas Engineer in Leeds Replacement Radiator Valves

Replacement Radiator Valves

Even the sturdiest valves eventually break. If your radiator valves are stuck or broken, leave it to us to replace them for you. We can replace like for like products and make sure that your radiator is working properly again.



 Gas Engineer in Leeds Valve Upgrades to Thermostatic

Valve Upgrades to Thermostatic

Thermostatic radiators give you more control and useability. They enable you to easily control the temperature in different rooms, but also work automatically. When a room cools or gets hotter, a thermostatic radiator can regulate the temperature by itself. This makes rooms more comfortable and also reduces your energy bills in the long run.



 Gas Engineer in Leeds Designer Radiators

Designer Radiators

Are you looking for more exciting radiators that will match the style and appearance of your property? We can install all variety of radiators including vertical, double panel and column.

















If you are looking for a combination boiler, central heating and gas engineer in Leeds and Bradford, please contact us at The Gas Geezer.

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